Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Strongest NK, B-King

B-King is the strongest and fastest naked bike, I hope.
But a spec of weight 250kg of K1200R seems not dry-weight but equipped-weight. They say the dry-weight is around 211kg or so.
How come B-King is so heavy? Unbelievable 235kg weigh!
It should be 220kg or less, isn't it impossible?

Big Rival

The biggest rival seems K1200R of BMW.

I've never think of K1200R for my next and maybe last motorbike. Now I know it has close characteristics, style, specifications and price! Now it's the biggest competitor.
K1200R has been biggest power among naked bikes. It is a little bit heavier and bigger and more expensive and has much higher seat!
Now I realize it has a pretty good style but when I tried to run it, I felt terrible impression caused by its size, then I've forgotten this model for long time.

B-King cool?

Is B-King cool?

It is a big problem though, I'm not sure it is.

This Yoshimura customized one, which has a slip-on muffler, is certainly cool.

Since it has no mirrors and no rear fender, I know it's unfair to compare this with standard BK. But the rear bazooka silencer covers are too much! that I feel a little bit shamed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

What I am worrying about is

myself who has reserved such an expensive bike which I had never seen with my own eyes.

What I have seen are some pictures in youtube and specification sheet.

It's so heavy, but it's OK. I'm afraid that it is so huge that my legs can not reach the ground. The height of seat is 805mm. My zephyr (ZR1100) has a seat 795mm high and it is not very inconvenient.

BMW K1200R or Yamaha YZF-R1 (or R6 is more higher) has so high seat-height, those made me feel terrible. Kusokurae! Though the seat height spec. of K1200R is 790mm, it is almost as high as R1 seat, whose spec. is 835mm. Specification is not so reliable.

Reservation made!

I made a reservation to buy a B-King, or GSX-1300BK.
It's been 15 years since I bought a new motorcycle last time.
I have paie reserve-fee to keep the one for me that the shop had reserved in advance.
Late October a B-King will belong to me. They say when to get a B-King ready will be late.
Actually I've wondered if I should buy a new Hayabusa instead.
I'll talk to you in detail later...

This Blog is

an English version of "NA & BK" blog, that is originally written in Japanese.
I just start this blog for exercising to write out English, so please don't point out any mistakes in detail.
Italic portions shows that I don't think of a proper English words or phrases for it.

Anyway let me start!